Mr White's Gin

Marco has always loved gin. He distinctly remembers the smell of the juniper berries from Booth’s Gin distillery when he made his way to and from his restaurant, Harveys in London. Having perfected cooking simple things well he wanted to learn something new to reignite his passion for creating recipes from his days spent working in London.

When learning the craft of distilling gin, Marco stated that the principles for a good sauce are the same for a good quality spirit.

Gin Botanicals

The recipe is focused on my mantra of keeping things simple, but doing them well.
Marco Pierre White

Mr. White’s London Dry Gin First Batch


70cl London Dry Gin 40%

* excludes delivery

This is a Juniper led Gin with botanicals such as hand peeled orange, lemon verbena and fresh lavender. This is a very limited edition first batch gin and bottle, so it makes for the perfect gift for any Marco fan, gin lover or collector. The bottle is not pretentious or extravagant, it is just simply crafted and glamorous.

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